BIO Engineering

If you have 100 Animal Taming skill and 100 Tinkering skill, you can become bio engineers.

Bio Engineering is the process in which the player gathers DNA from several creatures to form a new creature with stats of the creatures that were used in sampling the DNA.

You will also need high animal lore to control your biopet and view the stats.
Tip: plan on having 120 animal taming and lore.

In order to become a bio engineer, you will need a bio engineer book, a bio engineer tool and a lot of organic material. After reading the book you can then use the tool to make the DNA vials, vile set, and bio deed. The bio engineer tool can be obtained by completing small taming bulk order deeds (BODs) and the book can be obtained from completing the large taming bulk order deeds (LBODs).

You will need to obtain organics in order to craft with the bio tool. Organics can be obtained from completing large taming bulk order deeds (LBODs) and from killing some rare monsters found in dangerous locations throughout the realm.

Bio Engineering is a very difficult skill to master, but can be very rewarding.

Types Of DNA

There are 4 types of DNA. Prowess, Environment, Mental and Mimic. Each type of DNA gathers a set of stats, resists, and even damages. Once a player gathers all four types of DNA, they can add it to a DNA Vial Set. Once the player has a full DNA Vial set, they can add it to a bio engineered clone to apply those stats to that creature.

Use your animal lore skill on monsters to determine which ones have the best stats for each of the DNA catagories. By sampling the best combinations of DNA can result in the creation of a MAX Biopet that reaches all of the skill/stat caps

NOTE: If you fail to sample a monster, you may not get a sample, it will get angry, or it may turn into a Paragon. You cannot sample a paragon so you must kill the monster to let it respawn before you can attempt to sample it again.

WARNING: Do not attempt to sample a boss monster, they are all supposed to be set not to sample. If you happen to get a sample from an event mob or a boss it will be instantly deleted!

Prowess: This type of DNA deals with power. It determines the amount of Str, Hits, Damage, Physical Resistance and Fighting Skills a creature has.

Environment: This type of DNA deals with resists and speed. It determines the amount of Dex, Stam, Fire resists, Cold resist and Poisoning Skill.

Mental: This type of DNA deals with magic and mind power. It determines the amount of Int, Mana, Energy & Poison Resists and Magic skills.

Mimic: This type of DNA deals with power moves and looks of the creature. It determines the body form, sound and power moves & counter attacks. Some rare samples can contain a power move and a counter attack in one sample of DNA.

Power Moves

Power Moves and Counter Attacks are moves only a bio creature can do. They are fairly powerful, however the moves require stamina, and if the creature does not have enough stamina they will not be able to perform the moves. The mimic DNA randomly determines the power move and counter attack

Trial By Fire: This attack does multi-fire attacks to the bio's current target.

Acid Rain: This attack does an area poison attack.

Comet Attack: This attack does an area physical attack.

Call of Nature: This attack calls all untamed creatures in the area to attack the bio's current target.

Ice Blast: This attack does a cold attack to the bio's current target and sends ice spikes that will do cold damage to any agressive target moving in the area.

Counter Attacks

Counter Healing:This counter will heal the bio.

Blunt Attack:This counter will do a physical attack to the bio's current target.

Counter Poison:This counter will do a poison attack to the bio's current target.

Human BIO Pets

We allow the creation of human bio pets, which means you can gather DNA from human mobs. Watch out as with time and effort, those Human BIO Pets may end up becoming the toughest pets in the game ... outpassing EVO Mercenaries and Squires (in a matter of toughness, making them good tanks).