June 2021: Summer Festival 2021 & mini roadmap


Staff member
Dec 13, 2020

Today we're opening the gates to our Summer Festival.
Come and check it out !

Many fun things to do in there, gather our summer coins and get rewards you can only find during summer time.
Also, rare tamables can be found. We always have some of those wandering around. ;)

ROADMAP for 2021 - mid-term evaluation

- Instanced dungeons: July 2021.
Tests will be carried out in June 2021.

- More events and festivals: October 2021
Our Halloween Festival is being reworked. Surprise end October.

- Wandering bosses and ships: November 2021
Still analyzing the scripts involved.

- Player Cities: August 2021
Ready as an all-in-one system. Still tweaking what can be customized to UOWW.

-The UO White Wolf Team-