Patch Note: 2023-07-31


Staff member
  • Website server status pages have been modified a little. The objective was to hide staff showing online, but with an empty line. This is now gone. The number of online players on the "About" page still show the total number of players online included staff members. I'll fix that later, but at least you know you can't rely on that to check who's online. Ping requests from vote sites also sometimes count as an online players. Also the objective was to add new fields for showing more online information on the server satus page. The "home" part of the website and the "home" part of the server status don't really refer to the same things. As the forum is also using "home" to link back to the root page of the website :, I'm currently reworking the server status so it's easier to display who's online, but also so we can display everyone offline and online. Right now I've removed the two pages "offline players" and "guilds" while I think about a better way to display this part of the website. One thing I want to keep : all the buttons "Home" should go back to "".
  • Donations: every ways to donate money to UO White Wolf were removed. There are no ways to spend donation tokens anymore to obtain items in game. There are no ways to acquire new tokens or sovereigns. I took that decision because my initial project in 2013 wasn't about money but about my passion for Ultima Online that I wanted to carry on as a Shard Owner, after being an Game Master for a couple years on two other private servers (from 2001 to 2004). Then, Sphere and RunUO were the kings and that was an amazing learning curve from my two former mentors (GM Broadband and GM Xavier). Anyways, I had never thought or even meant to imply money with my Ultima Online projects. It came through the years with my team's suggestions and server fees that were costing a lot then. Now I think that spending 70 bucks a month on a server at OVH doesn't need any kinds of help or funding if you have a reasonable wage. It's like going two times a month watching a movie at a cinema and that's something I can easily skip. What's rarer imho are the skills one can acquire with years and years of staffin and scripting. That's why I'm still and and standing up again and again despite the hits and scars of life. I know I can do what I do and I know some players used to have a lot of fun on UO White Wolf. So I'll do my best to provide the best online experience for anyone who would like to try UO White Wolf.
  • Instanced Dungeons have been configured in every Trammel cities (or nearly). They're all the same instance map : sewers. I'll gradually create new maps and bring more choice for running instanced dungeons.
  • An invasion in Britain Graveyard (Trammel) will run twice a day from now : 4:20am and 4:20pm server time. Check when's next one coming with [invasion command. It's an easy version of what invasions used to be on UO White Wolf, but it's for everyone to try it. It's of an okay'ish difficulty and can be run alone if well trained and geared. Watch out though as the 3rd wave includes one of our custom bosses. Well, actually 2 of them, but the same kind : incredibly strong and surprising. It's not a failure if you don't kill the boss and finish the invasions alone, or even in a group of 2-3. Even if you fail, you'll eventually get the rewards if you get ranked from Top1 to Top3 ranks. Mainly : a lot of gold (but I'll add one or two more goodies).
  • The shape of Public Moongates has changed. They're more beautiful and easier to jump into.
  • Old vendor stones at display locations were removed. We don't use those stones anymore and all the addons created by GM Joy will become soon available on the Architect Tools (Player Cities system). This means, no need to buy them, but you will need to craft them.
  • Various useless locations were removed from public moongates. The goal was more clarity and room for player cities to become listed on public gates.