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Dec 13, 2020
Hi there !

Good to see you here !
I wasn’t expecting LoA players to join on UO White Wolf actually. It’s a very good surprise !
I thought I was doing crap work, but maybe it was just whole LoA that was crap.

By the way, as a player, I will switch from LoA to Palia. Waiting for pre alpha access. ;)

As a community admin, I am sticking to UO where we have full access and control on the game. I won’t comment about LoA anymore, as even if I left the program, I am still under NDA (which obviously the leader there has no idea a contract has obligations on both sides… *sighs*).

Oh and you will meet other staff members here also ! They’re already busy in game right now lifting up things before we advertise more for the player base to grow again to what it used to be. We may even consider a Discord when ready ;)

8x skills to pick up ?
Well it depends if you want to start as a crafter or not, but I would aim the most difficult skills to train. Example, get blacksmith, not mining.
As a fighter, I would go for a mage tamer. Animal taming is important here as most tougher fights will require a pet (or your squire). Increasing your pet control slots to 10 (the max) is important (and expensive) as it allows you to control more pets, like a vamp steed which is a good pet with aoe heals.

tamer mage…. Hmmm
100 magery
100 animal taming
100 eval intelligence
100 animal lore
100 healing
100 anatomy
100 veterinary
100 resisting spells

of course, as there is no skillcap, we don’t really care what skills to fit in a template, but those 8 skills would definitely give you something solid to start with.

check it out on Lots of common features as our custom content mainly comes on top of the base OSI (emulated) scripts.

If you like spending time AFK in our training center, I would replace all the complementary skills like eval int, animal lore, anatomy, with harder skills to train : Necromancy, Mysticism, Spellweaving, Poisoning…

The skills I listed above can give you an immediate satisfaction by being effective at start with your Magery and healing, but on mid term, you’d have to train all the different kinds of magic.. from scratch (or barely with a trained 30.0).

up to you :)
I am sure other people would have different advice. It’s actually interesting to know how other players like to start their new life on an UO community server.
Your own feedback is appreciated too, @Katastrophic

have fun !!
And meet you in game 👍🏻